US Northern Command Instructors Teach New Techniques in Emergency Response Operations to NY Guard

Instructors from the United States Northern Command taught a emergency operations course to troops from the Army National Guard, Air National Guard and New York Guard (State Defense Force). They course focused on the latest techniques in Domestic Emergency Management Operations. It dove into the latest support capabilities the military can provide State and Local authorities in the event of an emergency.

The troops reviewed previous emergency events and analyzed each so they can better respond to future emergencies. New York Guard Officer Candidate Russ Ebersole commented that the training gave him “a much bigger understanding of the global picture beyond New York State from how we interact with the National Guard Bureau to how domestic ops are executed across the country.”

The United States Northern Command is one of eleven unified combat commands whos mission is to provide military support to state and local authorities throughout the United States. They were setup in 2002 to ensure that authorities had the personnel necessary to respond to terrorist or natural disaster emergencies.

NY Guard personnel learn domestic ops planning from Northern Command team

NY National Guard Soldiers, Airmen learn from Northern Command team

Photo By Spc. Jorge Garcia | New York Army National Guard Soldiers from the 53rd Troop Command work through a case… read more



Story by Spc. Jorge Garcia

New York National Guard

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