South Carolina State Guard Provides Troops Training on Chainsaws

During the last few years as hurricanes moved past or at times into South Carolina causing widespread damage to power lines and roadways the South Carolina State Guard has repeatedly been activated to assist in clearing obstructions. When activated the State Guard sends out its troops with chainsaws as well as other equipment to clear trees that have knocked out power lines and roadways. To ensure their soldiers skills are current and fresh the State Guard repeatedly does refresher training on the operation and maintenance of chainsaws.

During their October weekend training drill the South Carolina State Guard sent its instructors and soldiers into the field to get that refresher training. They ensured each and every soldier knew how to properly operate and maintain their chainsaws as well as practice safety in each and every aspect on the usage of chainsaws.

Most State Defense Forces have been assigned this mission by the States Adjutant General (TAG – Senior National Guard General). So when extreme weather causes widespread damage and destruction to infrastructure, you will see State Guard troops out in the field ensuring power and roadways get back to operational standards.

“Trained and Ready”
The SC State Guard’s 3BN held a ADART FTX this past weekend. SCSG PAX received training in orienteering, chainsaw operation and other components.













Source: South Carolina State Guard

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