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Poll – Should Initial Entry Training Go to a Hybrid Model?

At least half of The State Defense Force ranks are composed of Prior Service service members. Individuals who have previously served in The United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and Space Force. However there is a rising amount of people joining The State Defense Force with no prior service experience and are looking to serve for the first time. Each State Defense Force has an Initial Entry Training (Basic Training) course designed for such new recruits. This course provides these new applicants the critical skills and knowledge they need to operate in a military environment. The new recruits learn basic military skills such as Chain of Command, Drill & Ceremony, First Aid, Land Navigation, Military Law & Regulation, etc. Once they graduate the troops return to their Local Units and participate in unit drills, training & missions.

The question of this weeks poll is regarding The Initial Entry Training (IET) Program. Many State Defense Forces tailor their IET course on many aspects from US Military Basic Training. However recently The Puerto Rico State Guard has piloted a new program that provides hybrid training. This new program supports 80% of the course being offered online through web based curriculum, testing and evaluation. The remaining 20% requires the recruits to be on base, with Drill Sergeants, instilling training unable to be obtained online such as Drill & Ceremony, Physical Training, Courtesy and Customs, etc.

Do you believe Initial Entry Training (Basic Training) should support a Hybrid Model or do you believe IET should remain completely on base and in person?

  • I Support A Hybrid IET Model
  • I Support In Person IET Training

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