New Troops Graduate Maryland SDF Basic Training

The Maryland Defense Force recently held a graduation ceremony for five new troops who graduated Initial Entry Training (Basic Training). Initial Entry Training is a course designed to introduce Non Prior service members to the military.  The training is composed of Basic Soldiering Skills and is designed to reflect the basic training conditions of the United States Military. The Recruits learn the core fundamentals of how the military operates from Chain of Command, Physical Training to Drill & Ceremony, so when they are activated and work side by side with National Guard soldiers they can operate as any other soldier in the unit. After graduation the troops will return to their home units to continue training and stand ready for when called.

The Commanding General of The Maryland Defense Force, Brigadier General Gregory Juday, was on hand to congratulate and welcome the new troops to The State Defense Force.

Earlier this year we held a Commanders Briefing interview with Brigadier General Gregory Juday. We discussed the missions of The Maryland Defense Force, their training standards and their mission performance during their recent Covid-19 activation  – Click Here To Listen.

Congratulations to the MDDF IET Class 26 Graduates!






















































Source: Maryland Defense Force

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