Custom Email Addresses for Patreon Benefactor Members

Today we are unveiling a new benefit for our Patreon Benefactor Members, Custom Email Addresses. This new addition will give our supporters a custom email address of their choosing as well as email service to service that email address. Members can choose from up to 11 custom email domains:

  • @statedefenseforce.com
  • @californiastateguard.com
  • @connecticutfootguard.com
  • @georgiastatedefenseforce.com
  • @marylanddefenseforce.com
  • @michigandefenseforce.com
  • @mississippistateguard.com
  • @puertoricostateguard.com
  • @southcarolinastateguard.com
  • @tennesseestateguard.com
  • @washingtonstateguard.com

Your State Defense Force / State Guard not listed? We will be adding more in the future.

Once you find the address you want (example. @californiastateguard), next you’ll choose a username and it can be anything you’d like. From your first and last name (example. johndoe@californiastateguard.com) to a nickname (firefighter@californiastateguard.com), the possibilities are endless. Once you decide and send us the information, we’ll get you setup and then your all set with that email address. From then on you can send as many emails as you’d like.

With this custom email service you will get up to 250 MB of service. If you require more we will address that need on a case by case basis.

Lastly we want to point out that these email addresses are in no way affiliated with any State Defense Force. They are just custom email address that are to be used only for personal purposes. No military data can be used with these email addresses, that includes non-classified data and information. Again we’d like to reiterate the email address and service is to be used for only personal purposes.

To obtain this custom email address you must be a Benefactor Patreon Member – $10/mo. We are offering this new benefit to our Patreon Benefactor Members as a thank you for their incredible support to StateDefenseForce.com. Because of their donations we can continue operating StateDefenseForce.com which involves paying for website costs including website hosting, domain fees, podcast hosting, website maintenance tools, Commanders Briefing Podcasts and StateDefenseForce.com Articles. With your membership you will gain a vast amount of benefits:

  • Thanking you by name on our website for your support of StateDefenseForce.com
  • Exclusive content – StateDefenseForce.com Published Articles
  • 20% off all StateDefenseForce.com Online Store Items
  • FREE T-Shirt or Accessory from the StateDefenseForce.com Online Store Once Per Year. Once per every 12 months of Membership. *Any Special Promotions does not count toward this benefit.
  • Early access to ‘In The Field’ Content – You will get Access to the Content Weeks before it goes Public
  • Submit Your Questions to Our Podcast VIP Guests. Members will be able to submit questions to the Commanders & other VIP guests we have on the ‘Morning Briefing’ Podcast. *Due to time constraints not all member questions will be asked.
  • ‘Commanders Briefing’ Podcast will be AD-FREE for all members.
  • Behind-the-scenes – Access to the UNCUT Version of The Commanders Briefing Interviews The Day They Are Held
  • Receive the finalized ‘Commanders Briefing’ Podcast Episodes 2 Weeks before their Official Release! Members will receive episodes from the podcast delivered to their podcast app before the official public release.
  • Exclusive content – Access to The Legislative & Benefits Section of StateDefenseForce.com. Get the latest legislative updates and benefits for your SDF!
  • Exclusive content – Access to State Defense Force Troop Strength Information (Public Knowledge – OPSEC Compliant)
  • Exclusive content – Transcript of Commanders Briefing Episodes
  • Early access – Written Interviews with National Guard & State Defense Force Commanding Generals, Officers, & NCO’s
  • Questions for Commanders – Since we have contacts with SDF & NG Commanders, we can get answers to questions you have. ie. Are we getting new unit patches? When will the next OCS, BNOC school be? Can we support the NG CERFP Team?
  • Exclusive content – Access to The Fiscal Year Budgets of the State Defense Forces
  • Behind-the-scenes ‘In The Field’ content – Exclusive Content & Interviews with Soldiers & Officers from our In The Field Missions

And now a custom email address and email service.

Are you ready to join? Click Here To Become a Benefactor member

If you are already a Benefactor Member – Click Here To Start The Email Address Registration Process

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