A Ruck March To Start The Weekend Off

The 6th Brigade of The Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) recently held their drill weekend. Even though the weather was not favorable they started it off with a 3.5 mile ruck march. The Brigade routinely conducts this exercise as a way to build camaraderie and strength within their unit. The Texas State Guard ensures all their troops are at all times physically fit so they can take on any mission assigned to them.

Most State Defense Forces regularly perform Physical Training during their weekend training drills. This ensures all their troops are physically fit and can meet the same standards as The National Guard.

Service Members from 6th Brigade, 1st and 3rd Battalions, participated in a 3.5 mile ruck march on Saturday morning, Jan 28, 2023, in Taylor Tx. Added weight is added to SMs backpack before walking. Rucking helps burn calories and build strength. SMs also perform traffic safety control during the march. This fun team building activity is a fantastic way to start the morning drill weekend!
Photos taken by CPL Jason Hunter, 6BDE Public Affairs Representative

The Brigade also welcomed new recruits into their unit.

On December 17, 2022, the TXSG 6t Brigade 3rd Battalion welcomed new recruits, (left to right), CPL Blanco, PFC Johnson, PV2 Hubbard, and CPL Bue. Texans Serving Texans!
Photo taken by PAO Rep, CPL Jason Hunter

On January 28, 2023, the TXSG 6th Brigade 3rd Battalion welcomed new recruits, (left to right), PV2 Cameron, CPL Payton, CPL Williams, MSG Chandler, PV2 King, and PV2 Preeper. Welcome!
Photo taken by PAO Rep CPL Jason Hunter

Source: Texas State Guard

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