What It Means To Serve In The Texas State Guard

In a professionally developed video, Texas State Guard soldiers give their insight into the motivations behind their service in the State Guard. The soldiers passionately express their reasons for joining, emphasizing their deep-rooted sense of duty and honor towards the state of Texas. They highlight the importance of Texans serving Texans, showcasing a strong bond between the soldiers and the community they protect. The video captures their unwavering commitment to the well-being and safety of their fellow Texans, showcasing their dedication in upholding the values of the State Guard. Through their stories and experiences, the soldiers embody the spirit of service and pride in their role as defenders of Texas, exemplifying the significance of the TXSG and its role in serving the state and its people.

Everyone has different reasons for serving; find your purpose in the Texas State Guard. (Video by Cpl. Jeremy Stark and Pfc. Bryan Sather, 1st Brigade, at Tarleton State University)
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