FTX Puts Soldiers To Their Limits

From May 5 to May 7, the soldiers of the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) participated in a large scale Field Training Exercise (FTX) at the Volunteer Training Site Catoosa, located in Tunnel Hill, Georgia. The purpose of this training was to enhance their physical fitness, agility, and teamwork skills. The soldiers participated in a range of challenges that pushed their endurance and tested their mental resilience.

Throughout the three-day training period, the soldiers engaged in various physical activities, including running and conquering obstacle courses such as the belly buster and balancing logs. These obstacles required them to overcome physical barriers, crawl through tight spaces, and maintain their balance while navigating challenging terrain. By successfully completing these challenges, the soldiers not only improved their physical fitness but also honed their problem-solving abilities and teamwork skills, essential qualities for effective military operations.

Overall, the GSDF soldiers displayed great dedication and perseverance during their training at the Volunteer Training Site Catoosa. Their participation in these challenges undoubtedly contributed to their growth as soldiers, enhancing their overall readiness and preparing them for the demanding responsibilities they may face in the future.

Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) Sgt. Kim Kuharic participates in a challenge of physical endurance during a field training exercise at the Volunteer Training Site Catoosa, Tunnel Hill, Ga., May 5 – 7.











Source: Georgia State Defense Force

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