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Poll – Is The Florida State Guard a True State Defense Force?

The Florida State Guard went active officially at the beginning of this month. We’ve seen their budget increase dramatically as well as their volunteers in the organization from 400 to 1500. However one key piece we have been unable to verify is the classification of the organization, whether it is a military organization as specified in Federal law 32 U.S.C. s.109 or a civilian organization. While investigating the original legislation refers to The State Guard as a State Defense Force with Officers in its ranks. However new legislation drastically altered key aspects of the organization.

The new legislation directly removes any mention of Officers in The Florida State Guard and replaces their status as volunteers. When trying to reach out to The Florida State Guard Public Affairs Office to clarify their status, we received little to no response. This is compounded as their official website lists the organization as ‘the state’s civilian defense force’ which contradicts Federal law 32 U.S.C. s.109 which specifies State Defense Forces as the military forces of the state, Lastly the leader of The Florida State Guard would no longer be The Adjutant General or a General Officer, they would retain the rank of Director.

Other information we obtained from high ranking State Defense Force officers who have previously worked with The Florida State Guard have mentioned the organization is more civilian in its structure. The information we received was that the volunteers will be wearing Polo’s with Khaki pants instead of a traditional military uniform.

Being classified as a civilian organization removes many important aspects that a military organization can provide. First would be a clear chain of command within the organization. Second, State Defense Force troops in every other state are subject to The Military Laws & Regulations of that State, these same laws that apply to The Army and Air National Guard. Both of these factors can present a great deal of confusion and problems when serving the people of Florida.

So we want to ask you The State Defense Force community, based on this information, how do you see The Florida State Guard?

– A Civilian Organization, but I WOULD NOT join it

– A Civilian Organization, but I WOULD join it

– A Military Organization

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