GAS, GAS, GAS: Ohio SDF Troops Learn To Don Gas Masks

Ohio Military Reserve (OMR – State Defense Force) takes the threat of chemical or biological attacks and releases very seriously. With the ever-evolving landscape of global security, it has become imperative to prepare its troops for such scenarios. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, OMR recently conducted comprehensive training for its 1BN troops to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond effectively in the event of an exposure. This training not only focused on personal protection but also emphasized the importance of providing assistance to others in need.

During the training, SPC Johnson and Officer Candidate (OC) Reems played pivotal roles in providing guidance to the troops. Both veterans of the Navy, their expertise and experience were invaluable in preparing the troops for potential chemical or biological incidents. SPC Johnson and OC Reems brought a wealth of knowledge in chemical and biological defense, having dealt with similar threats during their service in the Navy.

By incorporating the guidance and expertise of these seasoned veterans, OMR not only bolstered the troops’ knowledge but also instilled a sense of confidence and readiness among them. With their training complete, the 1BN troops are now better prepared to handle potential chemical or biological incidents, mitigating risks and protecting both themselves and their fellow citizens in times of crisis. OMR’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of Ohio and its residents remains steadfast, thanks to the dedication and contributions of individuals like SPC Johnson and OC Reems.

Chemical or biological attacks or releases are a very real concern. 1BN troops recently went through training as to what to do in case of exposure & how to work through it to help others. SPC Johnson & OC Reems provided guidance, both Navy veterans






Source: Ohio Military Reserve

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