Family Serve Texas Heart and Soul: Army National Guard Daughter Pinning New Rank on State Guard Mother

The State Defense Forces comprise dedicated individuals driven by a profound desire to serve their nation. Many are inspired to serve by the legacy of their family members who served or are currently serving in the Armed Services. For numerous individuals who might be medically ineligible or beyond the age criteria for the US Military, the State Defense Forces present a prime opportunity. Take, for instance, Anne Marie Ocasio, who chose to walk the same path as her daughter, Captain Leyda Ocasio-Kanzler, who currently serves in The Texas Army National Guard.

In recognition of her dedication and service, Staff Sergeant (E6) Anne Marie Ocasio was recently elevated to Sergeant First Class (E7). The Texas State Military commemorated this accomplishment with an inspirational ceremony where her daughter had the privilege of pinning the new rank onto her mother.

Congratulations to the newly promoted Sgt. First Class Anne Marie Ocasio of the Texas State Guard. Sgt. First Class Ocasio’s daughter, Captain Leyda Ocasio-Kanzler, Texas Army National Guard was honored to take part in the ceremony and presented the first salute to her Mother, along with Texas State Guard Commander, Maj. Gen. Anthony Woods.












Source: Texas State Guard

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