Texas State Guard and UNT Health Science Center Unite for Medical Mission

In a remarkable display of community service and collaboration, the Texas State Guard’s 1st Brigade joined forces with the University of North Texas Health Science Center in a joint operation named Remote Area Medical (RAM). This initiative was a beacon of hope for many, as it aimed to deliver free dental, vision, and medical care to residents of Texas. The operation was a resounding success, catering to the healthcare needs of 377 residents who might otherwise have struggled to access or afford such services. The Texas State Guard played a pivotal role in this mission, not only by providing medical personnel but also by contributing to various critical functions. These included the distribution of food, offering interpretation services for non-English speaking residents, managing traffic control, and facilitating patient registration. Their involvement was instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation and effective delivery of healthcare services.

The participation of the Texas State Guard in the RAM operation underscores the profound impact that such missions have on communities. It highlights the importance of the State Guard’s role in serving their community beyond their traditional military duties. Engaging in such humanitarian missions allows the Texas State Guard to extend its reach and effectiveness, directly contributing to the well-being of the residents of Texas. This operation not only provided immediate relief and assistance to hundreds of people but also reinforced the vital connection between the military and civilian spheres. It stands as a testament to the Texas State Guard’s commitment to serving and uplifting their community, demonstrating how military organizations can play a crucial role in addressing public health challenges and enhancing the quality of life for their fellow citizens.

Here are a few pictures and a video:

Texans Serving Texas, 1st Brigade Texas State Guardsmen are proud to serve in their community! Medical providers and non medical personnel served in various roles as interpreters, distributing food, traffic control, and patient registration at the Remote Area Medical (RAM) clinic.

Texas State Guard Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Anthony Woods, and 1st Brigade Commander, Brig. Gen. John Diggs, visit Dr. Sylvia Trent-Adams, President of the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC), Jeffrey Eastman, CEO of Remote Area Medical – RAM, and guardsmen at the RAM clinic held at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, on November 4–5, 2023. The Texas State Guard provided food distribution, traffic control, medical providers, and general staff support in collaboration with UNTHSC and RAM and was proud to serve at the community event. We are Texans Serving Texas!
























Sources: Texas State GuardThe University of North Texas Health Science Center

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