Texas State Guard Honors 1st SGT Ralph Parker for Over Half a Century of Service

On March 16, 2024, Wichita Falls, Texas, became the backdrop for a significant milestone in the Texas State Guard’s history as 1st Sgt. Ralph Parker of the 1st Brigade, 1st Battalion, celebrated his retirement after 53 years of commendable service in both federal and state military roles. The ceremony, graced by Mayor Pam Gosline of Vernon, Texas, honored Parker’s unwavering commitment to duty and honor. He received a special shadowbox and the Commanding General’s Individual Award, along with special recognitions for his family, highlighting their collective sacrifice and dedication to the Guard’s mission of “Texans Serving Texas.” This event, a testament to Parker’s remarkable career and the deep-seated values of the Texas State Guard, underscored the enduring legacy of service and sacrifice embodied by Parker and his family, inspiring future generations within the military community.

















Source: Texas State Guard

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