Tennessee State Guard Trains 90 TNARNG Soldiers in Life-Saving Combat Skills

In a significant display of expertise and camaraderie, medical instructors from the Tennessee State Guard (State Defense Force) recently led a comprehensive 5-day Combat Lifesaver Course (CLS) at Fort Campbell, culminating in the graduation of 90 TNARNG 278th ACR soldiers. This intensive program was attended by over 90 soldiers from the TNARNG 278th ACR, all of whom successfully graduated, showcasing the high-quality training and commitment to excellence inherent in both the instructors and the participants. The CLS is designed to arm soldiers with vital medical skills needed to provide immediate, life-saving interventions in combat situations. It covers a broad array of emergency medical techniques, including how to effectively manage bleeding, maintain airways, and prevent shock, among other critical battlefield medical responses. This ensures that soldiers are well-prepared to act as first responders, significantly increasing the survivability of injured personnel until professional medical care can be administered.

The collaboration between the Tennessee State Guard Medical unit and the Tennessee Army National Guard is a testament to the spirit of unity and support within the military community, especially significant at a time when the Army National Guard is experiencing a staff shortage in its medical unit. This partnership is enriched by the presence of many former US Army and National Guard instructors within the State Guard, who, after retiring or being honorably discharged, choose to continue serving by passing on their invaluable knowledge and experience to National Guard units. This arrangement not only helps to alleviate the impact of the staff shortage by augmenting the National Guard’s medical capabilities but also ensures that the legacy of skilled, life-saving techniques continues to be passed down without cost. This symbiotic relationship enhances the preparedness and resilience of the military forces, ensuring they remain ready to face the challenges of both today and tomorrow.

90 TNARNG 278th ACR soldiers graduated 61st MedBn’s 5 day Combat Lifesaver Course (CLS) at Ft Campbell today.









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90 TNARNG 278th ACR soldiers graduated 61st MedBn’s 5 day Combat Lifesaver Course (CLS) at Ft Campbell today.
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