Neither Wind Nor Rain: Harsh Elements No Match for the Dedication of Governor’s Guards

The First Company Governor’s Foot Guard recently endured challenging weather conditions during their latest drill day, focusing intensively on drill and ceremony. Despite the wind and rain, the unit diligently engaged in musket familiarization and reviewed firearms laws, crucial for the recruits in their final testing phase. The day culminated with a Battalion Review practice led by SFC Scull, preparing for numerous events scheduled throughout the year where this formation will be showcased. Additionally, this session was marked by the graduation of three new recruits: PVT O’Connor, PVT Nickle, and PVT Kochuk, who were warmly welcomed into the ranks.

The Governor’s Guards, comprising the First Company Foot Guard, Second Company Foot Guard, and Horse Guard, play a significant role in state and national ceremonies. These units are prominently featured in celebrations during National Holidays and are also responsible for performing Honor Guard duties at the funerals of fallen veterans. This specialized training is vital to ensure that they deliver the highest professional honors during these solemn occasions, reflecting the respect and gratitude owed to those who have served the nation. Through rigorous preparation and ceremonial duties, the Guards uphold a tradition of excellence and reverence.

The First Company Governor’s Foot Guard spent their drill day hard at work despite the wind and rain.
The company spent time with musket familiarization and firearms laws as the recruits went thru their final testing phases. We ended the day together with Battalion Review practice with SFC Scull, to get ready for upcoming events throughout the year where we utilize this review.
1GFG also graduated its 3 newest recruits. We congratulate PVT O’Connor, PVT Nickle, & PVT Kochuk.
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