Texas State Guard 2nd Brigade Prepares to Undergo Rigorous Training As Annual Training Begins

On April 18, 2024, members of the 2nd Brigade, Texas State Guard, initiated their Annual Training at the Texas Division of Emergency Management Region 8 Headquarters located on the Texas A&M University Rellis Campus in Bryan, Texas. This first part of this training session focused on Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSOI) processes. The Guardsmen underwent a thorough in-processing and validation phase, covering key areas such as administration, communications, supply, medical services, and chaplaincy. This comprehensive preparation is crucial for their readiness to respond to emergencies, particularly with the impending hurricane season. The 2nd Brigade’s motto, “ad omnia parati,” meaning “ready for anything,” underscores their commitment and readiness to handle various crises. The RSOI process marks the beginning of an intensive weeklong Annual Training program for the brigade. This phase is designed to set the groundwork for a series of meticulous and diverse training exercises aimed at honing the skills of the Guardsmen. These activities are carefully structured to enhance operational readiness, ensuring that the brigade is well-prepared and equipped to handle any mission they may face.

The Texas State Guard plays an essential role in the state’s response to severe weather events, including hurricanes. They are actively involved in various critical missions such as Search & Rescue operations, both on land and maritime, especially for rescuing individuals stranded in flooded regions. Their efforts extend to providing medical support and triage, crucial during large-scale emergencies where medical facilities may be overwhelmed. Additionally, they manage shelters, offering refuge and essential services to displaced individuals. The Texas State Guard’s diverse capabilities ensure that they are a vital asset in disaster response and community support during some of the most challenging times.

More to come from The 2nd Brigade’s Annual Training as the week goes on.

Guardsmen of 2nd Brigade, Texas State Guard, begin Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration (RSOI) at Annual Training at the Texas Division of Emergency Management Region 8 Headquarters at Texas A&M University, Rellis Campus, Bryan, Texas, April 18, 2024. In addition to in-processing, 2nd Brigade members completed a validation process at various stations including administration, communications, supply , medical and the chaplain to prepare for deployment during the upcoming hurricane season. 2nd Brigade is ad omnia parati, “ready for anything!” (Texas State Guard photos by Chief Warrant Officer 2 Gregory Illich and Lt. Col. Sharon Nitsche) #duty #honor #texas #txlege #TexansServingTexas #TXMilitary
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