Alaska’s HHC Scouts Enhance Rescue Skills in Joint Exercise with MAT+SAR and Local Fire Department

The Alaska State Defense Force HHC Scouts recently participated in a joint task force Search & Rescue exercise with the MAT+SAR Search & Rescue organization and The Butte Fire Department. The MAT+SAR, a non-profit entity founded in 2003, is dedicated to serving the Matanuska Susitna Valley in South Central Alaska and other areas as directed by the Alaska State Troopers. The exercise involved locating a lost individual in the woodlands, treating their emergency wounds, and carrying the individual to a rally location for extraction to a medical facility. This collaborative effort highlighted the importance of teamwork and coordination among different organizations to ensure the safety and well-being of Alaskans. The Alaska State Defense Force expressed gratitude to MAT+SAR and the Butte Fire Department for their collaboration and looks forward to future training opportunities.

The Alaska State Defense Force HHC Scouts are a specialized unit within The Alaska State Defense Force, known for their extensive training with multiple agencies, including local Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, and even Army National Guard Special Forces. Their missions encompass a variety of skill sets, ranging from urban search & rescue, woodland search & rescue, and arctic tundra search & rescue to establishing communication points throughout the state. This versatility ensures they are prepared for a wide range of emergencies, making them a critical component of Alaska’s emergency response infrastructure. Their continuous training and collaboration with other agencies enhance their readiness and ability to serve their fellow Alaskans effectively.

Thank you to MATSAR and the Butte Fire Department for letting ASDF’s HHC Scouts join in yesterday’s search snd rescue training! We look forward to working with you again to serve our fellow Alaskans.
Defend Alaska!
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