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New Article & Exclusive Interview: Strengthening Cyber Defense – How the Virginia Defense Force Augments the National Guard

We are excited to announce a new featured article. This article delves into the National Guard’s cyber defense mission and explores how State Defense Forces, like the Virginia Defense Force, play a crucial role in supporting and augmenting these efforts.

In this article, you’ll explore how the Virginia Defense Force (VDF) enhances the state’s cyber defense by recruiting IT and cybersecurity experts to support the Virginia National Guard’s 91st Cyber Brigade. Discover the rigorous training & Joint Task Force exercises that prepare VDF soldiers to effectively combat evolving cyber threats. Learn about the critical role VDF plays in protecting Virginia’s infrastructure, and see how their collaboration serves as a model for other state defense forces.

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Also be sure to check out the interview we conducted with The Virginia Defense Force regarding their Cyber Defense unit and mission:

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