Texas NCO’s Sharpen Those Leadership Skills

35 Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) from the Texas State Guard undertook a challenging training course at the NCO Academy in Camp Swift. This course was specifically designed to enhance NCO leadership skills and foster effective team building among the participants. The soldiers were put through a series of meticulously crafted obstacles that aimed to test their decision-making abilities, problem-solving skills, and communication techniques. By successfully navigating these obstacles, the NCOs were able to develop their self-confidence and strengthen their leadership qualities, equipping them with the necessary tools to lead their units effectively in demanding situations.

The obstacles presented unique challenges that required both physical and mental prowess, pushing the soldiers to their limits. By facing and overcoming these challenges together, the NCOs also developed a sense of camaraderie and improved their teamwork skills. The course not only instilled confidence in the participants but also reinforced the importance of effective leadership and cohesive unit dynamics within the Texas State Guard. Overall, this training program at Camp Swift provided the NCOs with valuable experiences that will contribute to their growth as leaders and further enhance the operational readiness of the Texas State Guard.

Recently, 35 Texas State Guard Non-Commissioned Officers participated in the Texas State Guard Training Center’s NCO Academy at Camp Swift. The training included NCO Leadership, Team Building, and Effective Counseling.






































































Source: Texas State Guard

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