Season of Giving: Texas State Guard Soldiers Kick Off Toy Drive for Children in Need

The ‘Young Heroes of the Guard Toy Drive,’ a beacon of compassion initiated by the Texas State Guard, has recently embarked on its annual mission to ensure no child is forgotten during the festive season. This year, the soldiers continue their tradition of gathering tens of thousands of toys, distributing them across Texas to bring joy to children facing adversity. The drive underscores the soldiers’ unwavering commitment to community service, as they balance their essential training and duties with this generous act of kindness.

Since the drive’s launch in 2009, the initiative has made a significant impact, with a remarkable tally of over 600,000 toys donated to date. These gifts have brightened the holidays for countless children in various settings, from schools to hospitals, and from daycares to shelters. The Texas State Guard soldiers demonstrate their extraordinary dedication by coordinating this extensive toy drive alongside their regular responsibilities, reinforcing the bonds between the military and the communities they serve.

As the holiday season approaches, the Texas State Guard renews its pledge that no child will be without a toy. The ‘Young Heroes of the Guard Toy Drive’ transcends being a mere charity event; it represents a powerful symbol of hope and benevolence, mirroring the core values that the Guard upholds: protection, service, and community unity. The Texas State Guard soldiers, with both bravery and empathy, strive to extend the warmth of the holiday spirit through every toy they collect and every smile they create.

The annual “Young Heroes of the Guard” Toy Drive, a Texas State Guard community service event, benefits Texas children’s hospitals, schools, battered women’s shelters, and other organizations for children. The drive started in 2009 with the initial goal to provide toys to children confined to hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in an effort to bring them comfort and joy during the holidays.

Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion 6th Brigade supported the Young Heroes of the Guard” Toy Drive today, 04NOV2023. A total of 334 toys were donated from various locations in Central Texas.
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Source: Texas State Guard6th Brigade

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