Building Resilience: Inside the Rigorous Training of Texas State Guard’s 1st Brigade

The 1st Brigade of the Texas State Guard recently wrapped up its annual training and operational evaluation at Camp Bowie in Brownwood, Texas, from April 25 to 28, 2024. Among the various facets of training undertaken, a paramount focus was placed on ensuring soldiers are physically prepared for the demands of their duties. Recognizing the necessity of peak physical condition to complete their missions effectively, soldiers engaged in a rigorous physical fitness program. Additionally, they underwent waterborne survival exercises, equipping them with essential skills for potential deployment to flooded areas. Such comprehensive physical training underscores the brigade’s commitment to readiness and underscores their ability to serve the people of Texas in times of crisis.

Amidst their training, soldiers also participated in a Point of Distribution (POD) exercise, a critical component of disaster response operations. These exercises took on heightened significance given the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic. With supermarkets depleted of essential supplies, PODs became vital lifelines, providing Texans with lifesaving food, water, and medical supplies. Such exercises not only prepare soldiers for immediate disaster response but also ensure they are equipped to provide essential support to communities during prolonged crises.

In times of statewide emergency, the Texas State Guard’s 1st Brigade stands ready to respond, tasked with a multitude of critical missions. From search and rescue operations to maritime rescues during flooding events, their bravery and dedication are unwavering. Beyond rescue efforts, soldiers provide crucial medical aid on-site and ensure the safe transportation of victims to hospitals or shelters. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining emergency communication networks, ensuring seamless coordination and support even amidst disrupted cell phone links. Through their comprehensive training and steadfast readiness, the 1st Brigade exemplifies the ethos of “Texans Serving Texas,” standing as a beacon of resilience and support for the Lone Star State.

The 1st Brigade, Texas State Guard completed its annual training and operational evaluation at Camp Bowie, honing their readiness to respond to civil support and disaster relief operations for Texas in Brownwood, Texas, April 25–28, 2024. The training included search and recovery, land navigation, boat familiarization, a physical fitness test, a Ham radio course and testing, aeromedical evacuation certification, and a shelter care evaluation. Thanks to the Texas Army National Guard on base to provide transport for troops to off base exercises and Civil Air Patrol (CAP) providing repeaters for communications as CAP also participated in the exercises. Several scenarios were involved in the exercises to test the skills and ensure the Brigade and its soldiers are at peak readiness when called. (Photos by Cpt. Esperanza Meza, Cpt. Sonya Martinez, Staff Sgts. Boyd Ocon and James Thompson, and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Craig Jacobson) #Duty #Honor #Texas #TXSG #texansserving #annualtraining #txsgmedical #txsgsar #hamradio

































Source: Texas State Guard

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