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An Overview of The New York Guard’s 2022 Annual Training

The New York Guard recently posted a few videos covering their 2022 Annual Training. This week long event included multiple schools for the hundreds of troops of the New York Guard. The courses the troops attended included:

  • Initial Entry Training (Basic Training) for New Non-Prior Service Recruits
  • Officer Candidate School (OCS)
  • Primary Leaders Course (PLC)
  • Advanced Leaders Course (ALC)
  • Engineering Field Operations
  • as well as others

The New York Guard compiled a video of their Annual Training. Here is an overview video that covers the multiple training courses, locations, & troops during Annual Training:

One key training element that each training class had to navigate was the Leader Reaction Course. This specialized obstacle course is used to train soldiers to develop teamwork as well as test their leadership potential. The course is designed to have the soldiers develop plans to tackle each obstacle and improvise when needed.

The New York Guard developed a few videos covering a few classes experiences navigating this difficult training course:

Source: New York Guard

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