Georgia State Defense Force Adds More DCCO Instructors To Their Ranks

Over the past weekend The 1st Engineer Battalion held some important training for troops wishing to become Debris Clearing and Chainsaw Operation (DCCO) Instructors within The Georgia State Defense Force. The candidates are from The 1st and 5th Brigades of The Defense Force. To become instructors troops will need to score high enough marks throughout the two month training course to become certified. If they pass and certify the new instructors will be able to return to their home units and teach soldiers on how to properly operate chainsaws and clear debris from roads and utility lines.

This training is vital in The Georgia State Defense Force as they are often called upon to quickly restore road access for emergency services as well as assist utility services in restoring power to neighborhoods. This was the case a few months ago when severe weather & tornadoes devastated many parts of Georgia.

Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) Soldiers from the 1st Engineer Battalion of the 76th Support Brigade lead a Debris Clearing and Chainsaw Operation (DCCO) instructor certification course, Marietta, Ga., April 1-2, 2023. Soldiers from the 1st and 5th brigades participate in this weekend’s instruction.
Soldiers must first pass the standard DCCO course with high enough marks to warrant an invitation to the DCCO instructor certification. That course lasts two months. Participating Soldiers must achieve high marks to be accepted as GSDF DCCO instructors. Once certified, these instructors can certify Soldiers in their home units, increasing readiness levels across the force.
Georgia State Defense Force photo

Sources: Georgia State Defense Force

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