Texas State Guard’s 6th Brigade Conducts Critical Emergency Response Training Ahead of Storm Season

On February 24, 2024, at Crestview Church in Waco, TX, soldiers from the 3rd Battalion of the Texas State Guard’s (State Defense Force) 6th Brigade engaged in a rigorous Field Training Exercise (FTX) to refine a variety of crucial mission skills in preparation for the tornado season beginning March 1st, and the upcoming Annual Training 2024. This exercise included a mock shelter operation and a Point of Distribution (POD) setup, emphasizing the importance of these capabilities which proved vital during the Covid-19 pandemic when supermarkets were depleted of essentials like food, water, and medical supplies. The training also included advanced medical training to enhance their readiness for any emergency. Adding to the significance of the day, Major General Anthony Woods, the TXSG Commanding General, made an unexpected visit to observe the troops and offer his encouragement both to the unit as a whole and to individual soldiers.

The Texas State Guard is an essential force activated for every state-wide emergency, tasked with a broad spectrum of critical missions. These include search and rescue operations in both land and maritime environments, crucial during events like floods where they perform heroic rescues of Texans from rooftops. Following their rescue efforts, they provide necessary medical aid and ensure victims are transported safely to hospitals or shelters. At these shelters, Texas State Guard troops actively manage operations, ensuring the safety and well-being of all those affected by disasters. Their comprehensive training and readiness play a pivotal role in their ability to respond swiftly and effectively in times of crisis, embodying their motto of “Texans Serving Texas.”


Crestview Church, Waco Tx – Feb 24, 2024 soldiers from the 3rd Battalion 6th Brigade conducted a FTX (Field Training Exercise) with a mock Shelter operation and Point of Distribution (POD) to sharpen their METL (Mission Essential Task Lists) skills for the upcoming Tornado Season (March 1st), and Annual Training 2024.
The TXSG Commanding General, Major General Anthony Woods paid the troops a surprise visit to watch them in action. MG Woods encouraged the troops as a battalion and individually.
(Photos by CPL Jason Hunter 6BDE PAO)
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